Top Tips for Newbies

 Lots of Lovely Layers!

I have been having a hunt around and spending far too much, but something I learned was…layers.

Many designers are really generous in their packages, and you get so much stuff for your dollar. I found this amazing set from KC Designs, which is very very gothy but a bit of mixing and matching, not to mention the amount of things in the set you can wear separately or together. So my tip this week for newbies… when you buy something, make sure its got lots of pieces, so you can mix and match them with other things.

Apart from this one having a really nice detaily jacket, undershirt, and pants, there were skirts, stockings, and really cute panties as well.

It can be done…

I really wanted to put together an elegant, fresh and unusual look – even with the depressing amount of orange, black, bats, pumpkins, cobwebs and spiders around at this time of year – for absolutely nothing. I suppose it wasn’t technically 100% free…. the Tuli skin was a freebie for her group members. This if nothing else is absolute best reason to pay the $250 Linden, the group gifts are the best I’ve found anywhere. I must have about 12 skins now for my tiny outlay and so my latest Top Tip is join Tuli.  And then remember your obligations! When you have money to spend, spend it at Journey and thank HER for supporting YOU.  Details of the outfit below the piccies…

 Skin: Tuli Group Gift – Elizabeth Gothic Halloween08,

Hair: House of Heart Group Gift – New Release Oct 3, Jackie in Dark Grey

Eyes: Miriel Standard, Fire

Earrings: OA Designs, Lovely Lolita, Pickin’ Daisies sim Hunt at Lemon Island (LOL, no, no relation)

Shoes: Zhao Sadie White w/chain, sim Hunt at Rfyre

Dress: Ivalde Ingrid Pumpkin Dress, Retrology sim pumpkin hunt (on til Nov 1)

Happy Hunting!


When is a Newbie Not a Newbie?

A couple of less than charitable souls have commented – one by email, how cowardly! Post it in public! – that I couldn’t possibly be a newbie. I have no idea when you stop being one but I’ve been in SL for 2 months now and yes, I’m new and I don’t know diddly, but I think there are a few things you can do straight up, cheaply, to stop looking like you just arrived.

I was lucky. I had (have) a friend who took me off to a few places to pick up some gear, gave me a couple of thousand $L and gave me some top tips .

So I’m going to pass them on.

There is a set of really nice free skins called Le, Re, and Se, from Another Skin. There are masses of different options, and a shape for each skin style. Straight up you are no longer looking so bad. Search on Lingerie by Hollee and head off to her shop where she kindly has them up for free.

Free hair abounds. I was lucky enough to arrive around the time of the Hair Fair though I must admit the whole lag thing nearly put me off SL forever. But many hair designers give away freebies. Its just a matter of looking around to see what suits you.

The blogs. I swear, without the blogs, I’d still look ridiculous.  There are fantastic blogs like:

Or, just search in Google for Freebies in Second Life. Not hard.

The next thing I found was Treasure Hunts. There are lots of them, (see my previous comment re blogs!) and they are fun. You can pick up some great stuff and that helps you build a basic wardrobe.

Poses/movement. I don’t know what thats called, but I mean the thingies you get which have poses loaded in them. I bought this one first because it was cheap: Wild Lilies. Search, its there.  It just attaches to you, but after I got a bit better at getting about, I bought one from SEmotion.  And if you read the instructions, (top tip five!, seriously, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS) you can work out how to add and delete poses to it.

So, in order:

1) Read the Blogs

2) Find a Friend

3) Find the Freebies

4) Treasure Hunts

5) Read instructions on things

I’ll think up a few more as they occur to me, but if you want to quickly look like you know what you’re doing, those five will speed you on your way.

Taking PHOTOS on the other hand, LOL. I just happen to be able to use Photoshop. It makes a difference.

So, yes I’m a newbie. But I like SL, so I put a few $ into it. But even before I did, I found great quality stuff and just mixed and matched. Have fun!!!!

I LOVE Magazines, too.

Last week I was finally brave enough to post on I was sure I’d attract all sorts of ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THIS BLOG!!’  comments, but people – apart from my two detractors that I mentioned last week – were incredibly kind and said lovely welcoming things. Nice. Thank you.

Lots of people looked at my Top Tips for Newbies, so  thought I’d better have another rummage around the inventory and see what else I had that was free, as well as other things I found really useful.

I was happily reading through ihearts and saw an announcement for a new magazine. I love magazines. I love them in RL and I love them in SL. Different for sure, in SL, but hell, a magazine is a magazine and there’s nothing nicer than a cup of tea and a good read.  I would have to add ‘read magazines’ to the tips, I think.

You can read them inworld, which involves either subscribing to them – find a kiosk and click on it – or online if they have a website with a link. The outfits here I found in magazines and then went and bought them, poor me…  dollar poor and willpower poor…

So, newbies, magazines. This is a really good way to find out what is out there too. Its sort of like a months worth of all rolled up in to fifty or more pages of wonderful pictures, gorgeous models, talented designers and some scarily good photographers. I despair of ever taking a photo as good as some of these. I don’t know how they do it – its beyond me. I’m going to read the blogs a bit more and see if I can learn about settings and what to do with them. It might be the graphics cards though, I guess you need a really good one. I don’t know if I’m that keen yet.

Back to magazines. Now, I did say ‘read’ but this really is not quite accurate. ‘Look at the pictures’ might be better. 

Most of them seem to have interviews which are just cut outs of the inworld conversation. Its kind of like reading someones personal notecard that they’ve left lying around, and I find it boring. I like to read about the person and the avatar, not read things with LOL and ‘giggle’ in it. Maybe I haven’t been here long enough.

Some of the style tips are good, but again, be prepared to cope with that version of english that has LOL and stuff in. I realise not everyone is a writer – me included – but there is a really high level of spelling mistakes, bad grammer, and just poor writing. I cant talk but I like to read well written stuff.

The pictures make up for it though, and if you can grit your teeth and get through the awful text-message style that most writers have in SL, there are the nicest things to see.

I like GLAM for photos and can’t wait until they are up and running again. Their website says they’re looking for writers and stuff so my powers of deduction tell me they must be going to produce another one. I hope they get some good writers because the ones they had pretty much fell into the categorys above.

SecondStyle lost me forever with those horrible pictures of ripped up, beaten up, female avatars. I missed the point, and I don’t think I will read it again. I’d like to think I’m really tolerant and open-minded but I have to say I don’t get the beaten up and hurt thing. Its not my place to criticise other choices though so if it works for you, good and you can read Second Style for hints and tips.

Essence is the new one. Good pictures but nothing much to read except those notecards. And very short. But I found some lovely things I want to own!

Altamoda tired me out. Its so busy. Crammed full of stuff. All mishy-mashy all over the place. So much so that I couldn’t get through it all. Though, great pictures. I think this one is a rainy Sunday read. They haven’t done one for ages but their blog says it’ll be out in September. So very soon, I expect.

And the last one I read regularly now is Runway. I like it a lot. I can READ it. Bit spotty on the style and the pictures are hit and miss but seems to be getting better all the time. Its very long though and I do find it takes a long time to get though it.  I like the fact its a bit light hearted. I can’t really take SL that seriously yet but thats my limitation, I guess.

Some links:


5 Responses to “Top Tips for Newbies”

  1. I think some of the SL Veterans forget that nowadays, there is so much information out-of-world that a person can do a lot of research before opening their SL account, and can shed the newbie skin very quickly. And, of course, friends to show you the ropes can speed things along. Welcome to SL and the fashion world — I will especially enjoy hearing some of your stylist thoughts! It is one of the purely fun things I like to do in SL!

  2. Thank you Nissa! Its true about the research… I came into SL without doing too much research but the second I had a good look at myself *laughs* I hit Google in a big way! There is a lot of useful info thats for sure.
    I also didn’t think I’d end up doing fashion/styling stuff but in here, its for me and not someone else. I am having a ball now I’m over the new and scary bit, and enjoying myself heaps. Thanks again!

  3. […] Added to Top Tips for Newbies: […]

  4. Excellent advice. i’ve been in SL for 3 years and still need a reminder about where and how to find cool things.

  5. Thank you for that! I must go in and update/add to it – no longer a ‘newbie’ but still learning things every day, lol.

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