Photo Competitions – Heaven on a Stick.

 A few more entries…

I’ve taken some more pictures over the last couple of weeks and entered them in various things – so here’s a look-see at what I’ve been up to.

einstein_600dnr1_600dnr2_600dnr3_600dnr4_600As I’m really shockingly lazy tonight, the style notes are all on Flickr…..

More Photo Fun…

I’m really having the best time with taking pictures and trying to get better at it, and have even produced a couple I’m actually happy with!

Here are a couple of the latest ones.

This one is for the Relay for Life Photocontest – the theme is Pirates and there is to be no photoshopping. I think I’ll put this one in, I’m quite happy with it, but I might change my mind, we’ll have to wait and see.


Call of the Nile – this was fun because I took one of the male costumes and adapted it. And no hair!


Ivalde Ideal:


Oh, how exciting!

Well, there you go, I finally managed to win one! It is a most exciting moment, I guess that’s true of just about anything when you do something ‘well’ and someone else tells you so.  So thank you to Ivalde, to the fabulous Neferia who keeps making lovely things, and to Serenity Val, the bearer of good news! I couldn’t help myself, I had to do something silly, so here it is.



Latest Entry for Ivalde…

I am really pleased with this one, just because it gave me a bit of a lift at a time when most of my home state was on fire and SL was a much needed break from bad news and the smell of smoke.


I called it ‘Hold On To Your Hat! Wouldn’t it be nice to just jump on a plane somewhere – anywhere?

I still love the competitions…

I can’t help myself, I just love these photo competitions. Life stays busy so its not often I get to play around with photos but I do like to watch and see who is doing what.
The sheer talent in the Ivalde competition just blows my mind. Anyway, here is my latest entry… the gorgeous Wales Spring sim. I keep hearing John Denver playing in my head,
though, which is sad!

Ivalde: Fiola Peach Dress, Shiny Things Red Party Pumps, VG Republic Drop Hoop Earrings, Belleza Brooke Fair 10 Freckles skin, and Damselfly Alex Ruby Twightlight cool hair.

How long it’s been!

Its been ages since I updated here! I haven’t put that my picture for the Biddle Boots calender competition actually got selected – I was so excited – finally a picture that someone other than me liked. That was wonderful. I”ve entered the Ivalde competition a couple more times, and at the moment I’m thinking about another one now I’ve got a few days off to play. My thanks to Biddle Boots for liking my picture….lol.
Here are two more entries for Ivalde – neither of them  made the cut but I had fun playing with them, which is the point for me. I really enjoy putting these together.



















It seems I’m stuck with Orange, LOL.

Its been so busy in RL I haven’t had time to be in SL, and I’ve really missed it – does that mean I’m finally addicted?
Well I am to photo competitions. This one is Biddle Boots Calender Competition 2009 and I just saw that whole 1950’s pinup thing happening.
It seems I’m destined to spend my time styling photo competitions – and never winning, LOL. Anyway, here are my entries.















Artilleri:: Dolly Dots Orange Top
Artilleri: Nina Highwaist Pants Orange
Artilleri: Onyxia Sunglasses White
Biddle Boots: Ankle Cuties Chocolate
DC Ava Hair
Lessthan3 Skins Life is Beautiful – Pale

This week’s Ivalde Entry…

I did go over to Ivalde again and I’m going to blog what on I found on the stylist page, but here is my entry for this weeks competition.
I really like this outfit, its really strong and edgy and I just thought that I’m sure being out and about in London in the middle of the
night would not be impossible if I was dressed like this.


LOL, I didnt win that one either!

But I came equal 3rd with two other great pics, and then people had to vote. So I ended up not coming 3rd either but ya know? I had fun, again. I do like these comps.
I’ve also been entering the Ivalde weekly competition, NO hope there, the photos are so beautiful and people are so creative… but I live in hope! This is my entry this week…. no I didn’t mean my eyes to be shut but I like the way it looks…

I found another one!

I found another photo competition. I have no idea why I like these so much. But I do. This one is Sam’s Secret and the photo needs to be somewhere you love, and how you secretly felt while taking it. I love the SL Botanical Gardens (the SLURL is 198,58,38) and when I first came to SL I learnt you can set your Home to the Gardens by joining a group. Its fantastic, because its really pretty and you don’t have to hang out in the really off places you end up in as a newbie. It was also a bit of a trip down memory lane for me to go back and try and pick one place out of the dozens there that I love. Anyway, here’s my entry to the competition:


Well, I didn’t place…. but I had a lot of fun.

Today the winners of the Ornamental Life photocomp were published, and I would have to say if I was honest I was disappointed not to be in the top ten, but as I keep saying, I’m in awe of the photographs out there and learnt so much from this competition. I can’t wait for the next one! The winning photos were just beautiful, and you can see them here:

My very first Photo Competition!

Now, I like photocompetitions too. I can take a photograph in RL that might be called ‘okay’ or occasionally even ‘good’. I can photoshop like you wouldn’t believe. But I wouldn’t dream of entering a photocompetition.

But SL is different – while I am in awe of the photographs I see taken, everyone has been so nice I can’t imagine getting dissed for trying my hand at it. So here are my entries for my very first competition…

Ornamental Life’s competition entitled Boudoir. That is a nice word and has all sorts of lovely meaning to it. The competition closes on the 16th October so I’ve submitted my two and crossed my fingers. Wish me luck!boudoir2


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