Notes from an RL Stylist

Statement Piece

I haven’t blogged the RL Stylist notes for a while, playing with photoshop as I was…. but today I came across this and went… ‘Yes’.  Eshi Otawara’s latest is not for either every day, or for the faint-hearted but it is spectacular. The handpainted detail is gorgeous, the hat is absolutely lethal and with Spring racing coming up in the Northern Hemisphere, this is exactly what those who really wish to Stand Out from the crowd would be looking for. I wouldn’t mind being able to find this in RL for a couple of my clients….eshi-otawara_001-copyeshi-otawara_003 

Skin: Curio GP Petal Frex [Light]Breeze Pure 2

Hair: *booN UEJ006 hair red

Outfit: Popi by Eshi Otawara

Longer Time No Blog!

Well, it all got a bit busy…. but it’s time to play a little more. Today I had the most amazing jewellery dropped on me, courtesy of Bastchild Lotus from LaPointe and Bastchild, and I thought to myself…hmmm… Valentines Day is coming up. This little number would be just perfect. I’d also been watching with interest the RL/SL crossover fashion show in the Netherlands and as I really like anything Zaara does, the combination of the two just struck me as rather nice. Here ’tis…


And here is the closeup of the sensational necklace and earring set – not too repulsively over the top but a nice platinum chain and ruby hearts.  Just perfect for that Valentines Dinner – which in my case, will be a solo number!


Long Time No Blog

Its been a mad couple of weeks and although I have been in SL, even shopping and hunting time was limited. I had to look at ihearts and fashionplanet and be envious. Getting back on today I went over to Ivalde to have another look around, I like entering the Ivalde competition, and I found this great outfit. It is really unlike a lot of her other stuff and its perfect if you’re looking for something really hard-edged, it just says ‘strong’ and ‘independent’ and also ‘not worried about what people think’. Great outfit. There’s another piccie on the Photo Competitions page, too.ivaldelondon8Skin: Bianca Foulon *bf*babe-katecopper-fcarrot
Hair:Damselfly Azalea Russett Glow Warm
Eyes: Miriel Standard Mossy Rock
Outfit: Ivalde Boutique Abela
Shoes: Storm Schmooz Maitresse Chocolate
Jewellery: Earthstones Bangles Rutilated Quartz
Location: London Sims, Chelsea

I reject Black, Orange, and Red….

Thank god October is over. I must say, when SL does something, BOY does it do something, and I am truly all Halloweened out. I put my time to good use, though, and my styling tip for this week – or maybe fortnight! – is all about Quality. I’ve learnt to look really closely at the textures, and the way the garments sit and move. So, given that if I have to look at one more Halloween thing I”ll be ill, here is my post on the subject of great texturing.  This little white dress is just beautiful and the textures are amazing.







What is even more amazing is that this designer is obviously serious about what she’s doing. Check out the actual undergarment layer! Beautiful! I’m impressed.

Skin: Curio – GP Pearl Brazen Frex

Eyes: Miriel Aquamarine -standard eyes, Hair: Bewitched Hair – Butterfly – Mahg Outfit: AlaFolie Mousseline Blanc

Halloween, what fun.


I love the idea of Halloween, but not necessarily the pumpkins. I hate pumpkins. This time of year a lot of my RL clients need an ensemble for a whole range of events and that got me to thinking about what things you’d need an outfit for in SL.  My social life is  limited in SL, not having been here very long but I thought I’d put a couple of different looks together for those people who do have a wild party lifestyle and lots of friends! The first one is for a ball, formal, or just because dressing up in gorgeous gowns is fun. I found this dress on a sim called Evocative, by LaPointe and Bastchild who do wonderful stuff in the faintly goth realm. This isn’t though, its a new “Couture” item and the detailing on the silk is divine. As the event I was imagining is a high class event, you wouldn’t want dangling pumpkins and stuff, so these subtle earrings and choker is just perfect, understated but a little creepy.

Skin: GP Pearl, Film Noir, Frex, Eyes: Miriel Quiet Green -standard eyes, Detour Candy Eyelashes, Jewellery: SS Beaten Silver Spider & Cobweb Choker and Earring Set, Outfit: Lapointe & Bastchild “Couture” Black Silk Evening Dress.

Moving right along to what you might wear to a casual event.

Well, as long as you weren’t in Second Life, I think! The first shot is the effect downloading the new release had on my clothing all day. My shoes were busy replicating themselves up my legs. I have no idea how to fix it but will read the blogs later and see if its just me or a new feature someone with a bad sense of humor put into this release. Anyway, the casual look will have to be minus the gorgeous jeans from Zaara that I thought I was wearing. LOL. But the top is from Zullay Designs, and I like the amber trim. The jewellery from Earthstones is a tiny bit OTT but you can get away with it if its a dressier event than hanging round a cookout. I’m too scared to log back in at the moment but Ill add the details a bit later on.

Its All About What You Know, I Suppose

I guess you can’t keep away from what you know. I’ve had fun with the blog so far and it seems to be evolving into Tips for Newbies and then there are the gorgeous things I keep finding and want to share.  So I think this one for my first post on a particular look I’ve styled. I saw the outfit on the blogs and then played around with things I had in my inventory – including free eyes…  and you have gotta love those little peacock feather eyelashes from Panjen! Skin: lessthan3skins – unnamed pale – (Semi-Fiction) Eyes: Miriel Watercolour -standard eyes, Panjen Dramatic Eyelashes – Peacock feather Hair: Novocaine Hair – Edwina – custom red Outfit: Rfyre – Dalliance, Raven’s Wing

So, some notes!

Another day, another outfit. I found Chambre du Chocolat the other day. Through the blogs, where else! I love putting a look together. The main mistake most people make is over-styling. If you have a really beautiful outfit, then you need to really choose your makeup, and your hair. Thats pretty much it. A few – few! accessories sometimes, but the outfit should speak for itself and the accessories should just complement it, not detract from it. The pictures can speak for themselves.

Skin: Curio – GP Pearl Brazen Frex

Eyes: Miriel Fire -standard eyes, Panjen Dramatic Eyelashes – Lil Stars Hair: 0 Style – Tita (Brunet) – Adjusted by Twisted Outfit: Chambre du Chocolat – 3 Woodpeckers


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  2. I absolutely love the eye makeup on your skin in the first picture! It’s exactly the style I’ve been looking for. Looks like I’m going shopping tonight 😀

  3. I forgot to mention the side-effect of reading the blogs! Disapearing Linden dollars. Lots and lots of them! Thanks for your nice comment, I hope you look perfect in your new skin.

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