Fashion For Life – Review 5

Details  of Fashion For Life here:

And rounding out 24 hours of hectic blogging, lol, some of the more dramatic gowns – I love the plums, purples and magentas.

AlaFolie Iris Noir FFL; Alienbear Queen Maraget Earring FFL; Amacci Sharon Black Coal tipped Blonde FFL R;


Fab Pony Fantasy 60 earrings Legacy Pink FFL R; Schoen Ibiza Moon - Lovers Night FFL R; N Core Aura Noir Intense shoes FFL

Kouse's Sanctum - Lily Jewelery & Jocelyn Gown in Purple FFL R; NCORE Feet FFL; Amacci Hair - Eva Long - Black Coal Tipped Blonde - FFL R;


LeeZu A Mon Insu Gown - Black - FFL R; Kouse's Sanctum - Lily Jewelery FFL R


Kouse's Sanctum - Lilly Jewelry Set for Relay FFL R; Evie's Closet Coppelia in Blush FFL; Amacci Hair - Sharon - Black Coal Tipped Blonde FFL R; LaVie - Hope - Autumn Glory FFL; Angelwing pink Naerose Butterfly Pet 1 (wearable) FFL







~ by twistedlemon on March 13, 2011.

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    I added your blog to my favorite blog

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