When I was very new at both SL and blogging – and probably had my ambitions mixed up with my capabilities – I found Eshi Otawara, and bought the fabulous Popi outfit which looking back at the date I found – much to my surprise –  I blogged about November 2009. I should probably take ‘newbie’ off my profile, it seems.

I knew Eshi was back and had bought some boots at the Shoe Fair and some hair at the Hair Fair but it wasn’t until today I wandered into the store for a look. Fortunately for my budget, Eshi herself was there and interrupted me in the middle of a spending frenzy for a chat.  I must say I was a little star struck, she’s amazingly talented and the outfits I managed to buy before stopping for a good yarn are unbelievable.

Just to round off the perfect shopping experience Eshi pointed out the LovelyMi makeups which are stunning and unusual and I felt a need to buy most of them, lol.

Skin: Cynthia’s Sister – Turn Your Radio On WITH Les Artistiques Makeup – Lovely Mi – Arsenique (at Eshi Otawara’s store)

Outfit: Igaly Darkness – Eshi Otawara and Ipkiss Igaly


~ by twistedlemon on January 29, 2011.

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