Jealous Robot…

I love a challenge and I particularly loved Gidge Uriza’s Robobambie Challenge, here.  The Robobambie hair got me thinking  along the lines of ‘What would happen if a stylish robot suddenly spotted another stylish robot wearing the latest ‘robolook’? ‘ …   and this was the result.

Fullsize image can be found here (and do all that fullsize clicking bizzo)

Silver Robot:

Face Animator: Glitterati Face Animator
Eyes: Amacci  – Insight Eyes  – Winter  – Big Image
Lashes – PM –  Magic Look Lashes
Nails: PM – Sculpted Nails
Skin: Lionskins  – Cyberpunk 4
Boots: R2  – Ehako –  Silver

Gold Robot:

Hair: TSM – RoboBambie   – LE. Dark Shines  –  Orange

Boots: Enkythings –  Cypa –  Black Firebird

Skin: Lionskins –  Cyberpunk 2a


~ by twistedlemon on September 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Jealous Robot…”


  2. Thank you! Seriously though – thank you for the challenge…. it was great fun.

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