Makeover Philip Linden Challenge..

I saw the  ‘Makeover Philip Linden’ Challenge on the Fashion Secrets blog, here,  and thought to myself… “About Time!!!”

I had a think about how to style Philip Linden. I mean, a man who is still happy with his original look, is going to be confident, self assured, and looking for no-fuss and ease of maintenance.

A look that can pass muster at a business meeting, as well as socially, is also tricky, but I’ve thought about California in the mix as well which changes the dynamic in terms of what’s acceptable.

So I’ve gone for soft grey cotton pants, a classic tee, slightly edgy shirt, fabulous watch (after all, he’s successful as well) and great sneakers.

Philips current look also tells me he’s happy with what we call ‘face fungus’ here in Oz, and he seems to like the spiky hair, so I’ve updated the look while leaving the intent, intact.

So this is my styled ‘look’ for PL.

I was tempted to add WMD’s Public Enemy No 1 tank instead of the t-shirt, as a nod to Mr Linden’s sense of humour, but it didn’t come in white or on the shirt layer or I would have!

Style Notes can be found here on my Flickr.  And the mechanism for entering the Challenge, here.


~ by twistedlemon on September 4, 2010.

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