It’s nice when someone  starting out as a designer in SL asks you if you’d like to see their range and then emphasises that ‘of course you don’t have to blog it if you don’t like it’  and sounds quite amazed when you tell them that you’d love to as their product is actually lovely!

Freckles Designs (click for the SLURL)  have a little shop here and have just released a range of reasonably priced skins – the Margot range – in Pale, Fair, Sunkissed and Tan.  For a first release, they are better quality than many skins I’ve paid a small fortune for.  If  they continue to get better as designers generally do, I can’t wait to see what they do next.

So I present here Margot – please note there is no photoshopping at all except crop & the background dropped in – WYSIWYG:

Skin: Freckles Designs Margot Sunkissed 02

Comes in Pale, Fair, Sunkissed and Tan, with blonde and dark options, freckles options, and cleavage options –  $600 per skin and $3000 for the 10-pack with, sensibly, a colour chart included.

Hair: Mirone – Nisha Platinum

Eyes: Reale Eyes – Xtreme Vivid Eyes Blue/Lime

Lashes: Exile Featherette

Dress:  GField Maxi Dress in Mellow
Earrings: Kunglers Extra- Orquidea Alba

~ by twistedlemon on July 12, 2010.

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