Linden Homes – Mine!

This month’s Primperfect issue – I take snaps for them – features how to furnish the new Linden homes with their 117 prim limit, and I was inspired enough to sign up for my own.

Primperfect asked designers such as the legendary Colleen Desmoulins of The LOFT to decorate homes in a funky and fabulous way without going over the 117 prim limit…. so after I’d photographed some lovely results I signed up for my own house and this is the result.  I was amazed at how much great stuff is out there when you are watching every prim – I mean, I have shoes with more than 117 prims each in them (which I would not wear to the RFL Clothing fair, unlike others…. ) but I really enjoyed juggling prims and going shopping and furnishing my little house. Primperfect is a great source of inspiration and also designers to go and check out, as well.   More photos and the list of designers & prim counts  after the jump….. also please note, the only photoshopping I did in these was crop – all shadows and details are as you see.

I loved that you can change most of the features of your house from the walls, to the doors, to the ceilings, to the window treatments. The pick of the items would have to be the Frank Lloyd Wright style lamp from 1 Prim Wonders, what a great piece, though the red poppy lights from ANAMations are so gorgeous I ended up styling the whole house around them.  I was also really lucky and when I was allocated my house it’s on the edge of a park so there were trees everywhere. It’s not particularly laggy and while I’m not going to give up my ‘day house’ I am going to have fun with it.
Don’t forget to check out the latest issue of Primperfect for great ideas and some more beautiful homes decorated by wonderful designers.
Front Porch
Apocalips Resort Sofa, Cream – 4 prims
Kismet Design – Sisal Woven Rug – 1 prim
GField Foliage Plant B – 4 prims.
Upstairs Patio
Kismet Design – Sisal Woven Rug – 1 prim
Dutchie Wicker Chair – Light – 3prims x 2  = 6 prims
Dutchie Dieffenbachia 2 Plant – 4 prims
Fuschia Nightfire ‘After the Fire’ Animated Canvas 2 prims
Del Mar Furnishings- Baby Blue Picture 1 prim
Apocalips Tansu1 Chest – 1 prim
THE LOFT – Bon Accord Rug – 1 prim
THE LOFT – Bon Accord bed – 15 prims
THE LOFT 0 Cinnabar Floral Screen – 5 prims
Dutchie Wicker Chair – Dark 3 prims
Dining Area/Stairwell
Del Mar Furnsihings – Blue Velvet Picture 2 = 1 prim
Dutchie Olea bonsai – 4 prims
ANA-Mations  Poppy Accent Lights (#3) – 6 prims
Apocalips – Chinese Tansu Laquer Chest – 1 prim
Del Mar Furnishings – Velvet Pic 1 – 1 prim
Kismet Design – Sisal Woven Rug – 1 prim
Poppy trio I Painting .::HOME DECO::. 4 Prims by Sylwia Obolensk
Frank Lloyd Wright Lamp by 1 prim Wonders, 1 prim
Mudhoney Designs Morgan Table – 8 prims
Mudhoney Designs – Holiday Chairs  5  prims x2 – 10 prims
Lounge Room
Rug – Retro Brown by Time Engineer – 1 prim
Mudhoney Designs – Modern Man stool – 6 prims
Apocalips ‘Soft Cuddler ‘in Caramel 9 prims
ANA-Mations Poppy Accent Lights # 1 14 prims

~ by twistedlemon on March 16, 2010.

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