It just gets better…

I’ve often wondered about my timing, which appears to be so perfect it means I miss everything by a matter of minutes and this was no exception. Terry Lightfoot must have been releasing Daughter of Shanghai in Lucky Jade about 3 minutes after I’d blogged the red version. I wouldn’t normally blog the same thing twice but this is too nice not to.

This version comes with the Lucky clover umbrella – the only nod to St Patrick’s day you’ll be seeing from me – as well as a fan and to my amusement, an opium pipe. I’ve put a view of the back in this one, as the bustle is beautiful. The sim, btw, is Steelhead Shanghai, and for the purists out there, there is NO photoshopping on these photos except for crop  – WYSIWYG.

Style Notes:

Skin: Glance – Ling – Green
Eyes: Eponym Basic Eyes – silver (pale)
Hair: BarberYumYum 09 Sesame
Lashes :  OH – Oriental Doll
Shoes: Ingenue Dianthus, Army
Outfit: Daughter of Shanghai InLucky Jade – To-A-T Designs.

~ by twistedlemon on March 14, 2010.

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