I Went Naked to the Fair

Today I decided to try and go to the Clothing Fair – which last year nearly killed me with the lag – and I did a heap of research around ARC and lag and all that stuff. There’s a whole school of thought out there that says it doesn’t matter what you wear, lag has nothing to do with you. Then there’s the school of thought that says ‘Fuck you, I’ll wear what I like’, and then there’s the other school, which says ‘scripts and prims are evil, and will cause massive lag’. I’m not at all technical and can’t tell you whether it does or it doesn’t but who the hell cares what we wear anyway and if there’s even a faint chance that your 5 million prim boots will affect other peoples experiences then don’t be so bloody rude as we say here in Melbourne.

However, given that there are people with serious insecurities who simply HAVE to wear everything in their inventories at once,  I have discovered the ultimate Fashionista item to wear to the Fair… comfortable, lag-free, elegant (basic black is such a staple), free, and fun.  You’ll never have to worry about whether you’ve rezzed or not at an event ever again, and no-one will be able to poke fun at your taste.   Get it here:  https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=1561483 with a massive round of applause to Salome Strangelove who appears to be an avatar with lots of common sense and a wicked sense of humour.  Thanks Salome, I’ll be wearing this to all the laggy events and hope that people who have manners and good taste might just do so too.

Oh, and to the avatar who kept following me around with an ARC of 6650? Every time you got near me my lag was horrifying, so I’m pretty sure I know which side of the ‘what causes extra lag’ fence I’m sitting on.   Just be grateful I’m not publishing names or photos, though the temptation is overwhelming.


~ by twistedlemon on March 14, 2010.

One Response to “I Went Naked to the Fair”

  1. i went bald and no attachments! btw, your last paragraph made me lol. damn those 6650 arcs…when decoy had their massive sale, unfortunately i saw much worse 😦

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