The StyleIt! Challenge

If you haven’t come across the StyleIt! Challenge that Thalia Jie and Valena Glushenko started last year on Flickr, have a look-see and have some fun.

Each month the previous month’s winner chooses one item or accessory, which must cost under L$300, and the Flickr group members style the item however they’d like. At the end of the month, everyone votes on their favourite ‘look’ and the winner chooses the next month’s item.  It’s a nice group, too, everyone is friendly and supportive.

Just join the group on Flickr and add your entries as a reply to this month’s ‘comment’, not directly to the pool.

There’s two points to this post – firstly Thalia and Valena are looking for someone to take over running the group, which doesn’t look that onerous, and secondly, it’d be great to see more entries.

Check out the group here:

If you’re interested in becoming the admin for it, send Thalia a Flickr mail and let her know.

Here’s this month’s item, because I’m an optimistic sort of a person!  You’ll find the style notes by clicking the link in the photo in the Flickr group.


~ by twistedlemon on March 3, 2010.

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