Seasonal Shoes

There’s so many gorgeous posts with Halloween ‘looks’ up on the blogs at the moment, and I thought I’d join in the fun. But after trying to work out what to put together that looked not only seasonable but different, I found myself hunting for shoes to go with outfits… and decided I’d just blog these gorgeous shoes – something really different to finish off your Halloween ‘look’.     Click the image for the SLURL.

HalloweenShoesSpider_BlogGrim Bros:  Spider Queen Shoes

HalloweenShoesGoldenGirl_BlogGrim Bros Golden Girl Shoes

HalloweenShoesScorpio_BlogGrim Bros Scorpio Shoes


~ by twistedlemon on October 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Seasonal Shoes”

  1. Seems like you are a true expert. Did ya study about the topic? hehe

  2. I wish there was a course on Shoes!!!! Imagine spending all your time studying high heels, how nice! Thanks for your comment, Twis.

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