Speed Shopping – Across the Metaverse

Love hunts? Love Shopping? Hate hunts but love shopping? Just want to have fun?
 Speed Shopping Across the Metaverse...
Combine both without spending a cent and have a heap of fun at the same time, in the fine tradition of speed shopping. 
 A wild and wacky competition with great prizes, including your very own shopping trolley.
Win great prizes from Behaviour Body animations, Naive giftcards, Fashion Nomad, SMS(So Many Styles) and LVS (Liquid Velvet Studio).
You need a team of two (one to push the trolley and read the list, and one to spot and grab the items) – for a new and fun variation on the RL speed shopping craze.
Don’t miss out – grab a partner, set aside an hour, and come along and join in the fun.
Register by creating a notecard that looks like this:
Title: Speedshopping 2009
Team Name:
and drop it to  Kryptonia Paperdoll, Vera Canning or Mango Splash.  Contest rules and information will be given out at the starting line. 
Friday May 8th at 1pm, at the Liquid Velvet Studios LVS Drive.  Happy Shopping!

~ by twistedlemon on May 5, 2009.

One Response to “Speed Shopping – Across the Metaverse”

  1. How much fun was this?

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