Vamp…. yre.

LaPointe and Bastchild have just released the most amazing set(s) – everything you’d ever need to become an instant Vampyre and all in the one set. I was stunned to see hair, skin(s), eyes, shape, and then the lushest, most vamp-y of vampire sets, down to the shoes, the katana (with animation) and multiple garment combinations. Instructions – in case you, like me, are not entirely sure of the etiquette for munching upon someone, and the best part of all is that you can also buy the outfits seperatly if you already have a fabulous set of vampire skins and eyes.

Theming, Halloween, parties, and just for visiting castles and dungeons – this starter kit is great for newbies and new vampires alike. The detailing on the outfits is at their usual level of amazing and the price point is quite ridiculously reasonable when you consider what is in the box.

The hair is excellent, too, very natural and flowing, and would certainly go with more than just a vampire outfit.   And the clothes come separately, you can always just mix and match  – there’s no law that says you can’t be an Haute Vampyre, now is there?


 Above:Skin: *REDGRAVE* Pale Skin – Leona /*cyan, dark hairbase with knot;
Eyes: PC eyes by LL – Ocean – Seaweed;
Lashes: Detour Candy Lashes;
Hat: Hatpins Lady Endora – Stormy;
Outfit – various from L&B "Vampyre Jade" Full avatar set (clothes do come seperately.)


Complete Outfit: L&B “Vampyre Jade” Full Avatar Set. Comes in Violet and Blood – which in my opinion, lol, should be called Ruby. Skin in both with blood, and pale.

Click photos for SLURL.


~ by twistedlemon on April 19, 2009.

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  1. I like them

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