Spring Wedding

No, I do not style weddings. In either life. I mean, have you ever met a calm, collected, sensible bride? I do love all the prettiness around weddings though, and I do like attention to detail, and I do like gorgeous things…. and just lately a friend has been getting me to take pictures of bridal things – I’m too scared to ask why – and as a result of me blogging the LaPointe and Bastchild halter neck tops, Bastchild Lotus dropped me a gown and a bouquet and I just couldn’t help myself – they’re all foofy and gorgeous and the shimmery exquisited detail in both the gown and the flowers made me think about white flowers and updo’s and (mostly, lol) taking pictures of it all. So here they are:

lb_wedding3lb_wedding2_newglowOf course, playing in Photoshop – a topic done to death by me today, does lead to some loss of detail so I shall just tell you all that everything on this set, down to the exquisite tracery on the sheer overlays, is just perfect.

Skin: Curio GP Petal Frex [Light]Breeze Robin’s Egg 1

Hair: Sky Everett Designs, Quiet Seduction in Raven,

Eyes: Miriel Realistic Eyes: Fire

Outfit: LaPointe “Gossamer” White Bridal Gown Set

Flowers: Evocative “Gossamer” Pink Bridal Bouquet v4.

Location: White Garden at the sim of a friend.


~ by twistedlemon on March 26, 2009.

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