Month Four and it looks like an addiction…

Well, here I am in Month Four. I’m amazed that I am enjoying this so much. What little time I get in here! And gee I have to say there are some pretty heavy things in the SL blogging world. In the last month bloggers have been beaten up over promoting freebies, pretending to work in RL fashion (trust me, you do NOT want to work in RL fashion unless you are the worlds most amazing designer. For everyone else its just plain hard work – also known as slave labor!) and putting pictures up on the blogs that are too big. I nearly gave up on the spot, its just scary that there are that many nasty people out there.

But I’m gritting my teeth and keeping going, but with Christmas looming and work escalating I may not get much time to play. In what little spare time I’ve had I’ve been entering more photo competitions and trying to get better at taking the things. 



~ by twistedlemon on November 29, 2008.

2 Responses to “Month Four and it looks like an addiction…”

  1. Cute Shirt – where from?

  2. Its from Bolero: Rainy Impermeabile Pois bolero – its a raincoat set.
    Thanks for your comment!

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