This is definitely stranger than fiction

Well, I’ve been in SL now for a couple of months and I’m enjoying it. I think. Its expensive… that’s because I’m fussy.

In RL as I have learned to call it – I will never say ‘I really must get a life’ ever again because now I have two – I am a stylist. I work with people to put things together for certain events, or media undertakings. I don’t much want to talk about it not to mention the confidentiality agreements I have to sign (LOL, as I have also learned to say.)

So its been interesting watching me evolve in SL. I keep trying to get closer to a ‘good look’ but its really interesting.

In RL I have clients, each one who has a job, a look, a presence or a need. In SL I’m starting Twisted off with a clean slate. She doesn’t have a job, or a personality or anything so I must admit I’m finding it hard to style her.

Skins are the killer. They’re expensive and disappointing, or expensive and sensational. So far, MMS, Gala, and Bianca Foulon are doing it best for Twisted.

Some shots. Photography in here is hard too. I’m not bad at it in RL but SL is difficult. Thanks be to god for Photoshop.


~ by twistedlemon on October 11, 2008.

One Response to “This is definitely stranger than fiction”

  1. I’m afraid you’ll have to read the rest of the blog. Newbie (noob?) I am. But I can photoshop, and I’m a stylist in RL, so you know, its not so hard. Fiddly! but not so hard.

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